The Dresser

Have just been to see The Dresser with Ken Stott and Reece Shearsmith as Sir and Norman respectively,.  I saw an advert and hadn’t thought of either of them in these roles but could see how they would fit them and, more, how they might wreak some theatre magic together.  Goodness but I was right.  Ken Stott was excellent – always is.  One of those rare actors where you would go to see a production because he is in it, knowing that you will enjoy.  Reece Shearsmith was superb and seemed to inhabit Norman.  The sharp brittle wit, the fragility, the sense of ultimate betrayal and loss portrayed with a humanity and understanding.  The slow loss of control through drink and tears.  Brilliant.

Not intentional to have seen Lear a couple of weeks earlier butcertainly meant that the references to, and extracts from, the play were fresh and clear in the memory.  And Stott would be an excellent Lear – he can certainly portray the tyranny and capriciousness of power, and love of a father, the frailty and senesence of age, the madness and anger of grief.

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