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The Front Cover

So we both entered into the annual competition to select photographs for next years Hertford calendar.  Last year we were both successful; very pleasing and solved the question of what to get our relatives and friends for Christmas.

We both put in the maximum number of entries allowed.  Frances has a photo chosen for the front cover – very pleasing.  My celebration of my success has been unstinting.  It is clear that the quality of entries submitted was very high, very, very high, as none of mine were selected.  I think there may be some problem with my camera equipment, just not sure whether it is the lens, the shutter, or some sophisticated component part that arranges pixels across the sensor.  No problems with Frances’ phone, though, on which the winning picture was taken.  May be I just have a screw loose behind the viewfinder…

Seriously, really good news for Frances and for our relatives and friends who will enjoy another Christmas of the Hertford Calendar.




Business Cards have arrived

The business cards have arrived and I am dead chuffed – Essential Print Services (Derby) have been very, very helpful and produced something which is much better than I had originally envisaged.  They asked if I would review their services on Google or Facebook etc and – unusually for me – I have left a review.

Here is the front:-


And here is the back:-


And I have 500 and have, so far, given out one…

As a nice and unexpected bonus a little ‘thank you’ for using their services (not the review) turned up this week; a pen and little bag of beans (hastily consumed before any calories could be eaten…)

Good start to the week.



Business Cards and Foamex

Have spent a couple of happy days batting back and forth a design for a business card for Cropwellphotography.  Lindsey and Lee at Essential Print Services in Derby have been very helpful and have suggested a number of improvements.  I have just given the go-ahead for printing and am looking forward to seeing the final product:  it is difficult for me to scale the PDF proof to business card size.

And by the way, a business card (the missus says) means you are starting a business.  Not so – the website and related absurdities very much remain a vanity project.  I’m just aware that people will not find, especially with new domains like .photography, the website easily and the card will help.

Have also been investigating whether foamex board can be used as a relatively cheap way of providing prints that can be easily wall mounted and look better than simple paper prints.  There is space at work to display some of my photographs, but paper prints blue-tacked to the wall lack, well, a certain something.  Foamex may be better.

Messing around on computers

Spent most of the day messing around on computers setting up websites and twitter accounts (why can’t I get a decent size image from photoshop as a Twitter account header? Straight forward from another source. Hours of puzzled frustration lost). End of day, and realisation that the photographs I had intended to take has gone on setting up stuff to show off the photos I should have been taking. Ever decreasing circles. They ought to write a sit com about it.